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I hope to help my clients uncover that only they have the power to define themselves, and their actions and interactions with others, are paramount to achieving that identity. More…

At the ripe age of 8-years-old, my relationship with Sharalyn Brady blossomed. Now, at the age of 21, I reflect on the multi-dimensional role of Sharalyn through the course of my life, starting with: my dance coach, my third grade teacher, my middle school and high school tutor, my mentor, but most importantly, my advocate. Sharalyn continues to be a conduit of transformation throughout my life. She has been extremely instrumental in redefining the lowest points of my being and exacerbating the effervescent moments of the good. I whole heartedly believe that I am the independent, compassionate, and innovative person that I always strived to be thanks to the unwavering guidance of my advocate, Sharalyn Brady.

Emilie Signora, Current College Student

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This will provide an opportunity for us to get to know one another, and hopefully determine that we are a great fit. Learn More >

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A bit about us …

A bit about us ... Making AdoleSENSE offers a variety of services to tweens, teens, and their families.  Our guiding principle is to support the emotional and social needs that arise during the transition from childhood to adolescence and into early adulthood.  Our...

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