People say that those we choose to spend our time with sheds light on who we are.  There comes a time in the life of a child when friendships become very important in how the child perceives themselves.  This period can be stressful for children and/or parents.  For some, a shift in focus may impact their daily life including their academic performance.  Keep in mind family dynamics may alter as your child seeks greater independence and more time with peers.

Below you will find some key points to help and encourage your child to be reflective and proactive in choosing how they spend their time, the company they keep, and their behavior.

  • YOU are the only person who knows WHO YOU WANT TO BE (Your Adult Version)

When WORKING to be the best version of yourself…

  • CHOOSE to NOT ALLOW other’s thoughts of you to interrupt your vision and journey of WHO YOU ARE and HOW YOU WILL GROW
  • Put your energy into DOING THINGS that make you PROUD of WHO YOU ARE
  • You Can NOT control what others choose to THINK (or think of you)
  • You Can NOT control what others choose to FEEL (or feel about you)
  • If you find you need to change the way you Look, Behave, or Respond to someone in order for them to like or approved of you, what does that tell you?

Throughout your potential discussion refrain from interjecting your personal opinions as this will take away from your child feeling independent. You may ask questions to clarify your child’s answer or encourage them to be reflective.

Remember, even if the conversation does not elicit the answers you were hoping for, it is an opportunity to spend quality time with your child discussing something that is very important to them. It is a chance to show you care about what they are going through and that you realize that they are maturing and more in control of their life and its direction.

Good Luck, wishing all a productive and meaningful chat with your loved one!