A bit about us …

Making AdoleSENSE offers a variety of services to tweens, teens, and their families.  Our guiding principle is to support the emotional and social needs that arise during the transition from childhood to adolescence and into early adulthood.  Our mission at Making AdoleSENSE is to inspire happier, more confident, responsible, independent, and productive tweens and teens while improving the communication and relationship between parent and child.

How did Making AdoleSENSE come to fruition?

Teaching, tutoring, and coaching have provided Sharalyn countless opportunities to witness tween and teen angst.  This passage of youth, in her opinion, presents the most challenges.  Children and parents will both likely feel emotionally drained at some point during these years (between approximately ten to nineteen).  It goes without saying every child matures at his/her own rate.  Unfortunately, one concise formula to understand the feelings, perceptions, and behavior of any human being does not exist.  However, the biological developments that occur during the tween/teen years serve as a common denominator to “make sense” and better understand the needs of this population.

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Our Philosophy, Our “Nitty Gritty”

During adolescence, it is common to question one’s identity while making sense of their “new” and evolving self.  It is unavoidable to forgo adolescence; changes occur that force one to morph into a young adult.  Whether it be establishing a new circle of friends, contemplating former ideals, one’s interpretation of fashion, or perhaps his or her physical appearance, eminent transformations will strike with minimal warning or owner’s manual.

Motivation to attain more independence and acceptance from peers will fuel one’s journey into what can become a joyous or tumultuous period.  A lack of personal identity or direction may arise creating a unique, internal tug-of-war! Often, parents are not the first line of support or defense that come to mind when looking for guidance.  The fear of seeming weak or needy is a threat to the respect and independence an adolescent craves.  Young adults are often reluctant to express vulnerability to a parent.  This can be attributed to a fear that vulnerability  will be perceived as weakness and immaturity — a potential roadblock to a later curfew, other desired privileges, or feeling grown up. Despite all the love in the world for Mom and Dad, many children feel comfortable with someone who is neutral, as he or she is less threatening, and does not have preconceived expectations of their state-of-mind, being, and actions.

Raising tweens and teens can present challenges for parents too. It is not uncommon for parents to attempt to make sense of the transformation they witness as their child approaches adulthood.  Whether it be an increase in moodiness or impulsivity, experimenting with drugs or alcohol, exploring love interests for the first time,“needing” whatever the latest trend is, no longer wanting to take part in family activities, developing a budding obsession with their phone (if they have one), a parent may feel their child has become a complete stranger.  This pattern of new behavior may contribute to added stress in the household, conflict with siblings, and falling grades.  Just like their teen, parents may feel overwhelmed.

Having had a front row seat to the whirlwind adolescence can create and providing years of advisory counsel and mentorship, it is our foundational belief that consulting with a neutral party to negotiate boundaries and expectations will provide insight and offer support.  A mediator who understands the developmental stages and needs of children, as well as the biological factors that directly impact their behavior during adolescence, has the potential to be a life-changing resource.

It is with open arms, excitement, and confidence that we extend you our hand (or shoulder) to guide you along your journey of Making AdoleSENSE.

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