Meet Sharalyn

Hi, I’m Sharalyn Brady and I created Making AdoleSENSE to support tweens, teens, as well as their parents with what I consider to be the most difficult passage of youth.

I am the mother of two great children, a daughter and a son, both of whom have taught me a great deal. Parenthood has provided me with an additional vantage point of the tween and teen journey. My daughter is a “tween” herself, and these upcoming years are on my radar, no doubt. I can relate to the concerns and decisions parents are faced with when determining how much independence is enough to promote confidence, while keeping their child safe. I can also relate to witnessing the dynamics of friendships and priorities change. And then there are the often unavoidable pulls on our heartstrings when we see our child discouraged or lost. My son is a couple years behind my daughter, and already, I think about how the upcoming years may impact him, but I have decided to take this tween journey one child at a time, because before I know it, I will have a tween and a teen!

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with loved ones, exercising and singing in a band! Yep, you read that correctly. Singing and dancing have been longtime passions of mine and I will do both as long as I can. I am also an animal lover! My family has three dogs, two Labradors, and a Goldendoodle, as well as three guinea pigs. It is important to me to be active in my community. In the past couple of years, I have tackled co-chairing a school auction and mentoring young, expectant mothers.

I believe in being kind, and look for the good in others. I embrace any opportunity to meet someone new; I am a people person and find making connections with others fulfilling. I especially enjoy interacting with children and adolescents. Throughout my career I have come to understand and relate well with tweens and teens. I like to think of my clients as surfers. The tween and teen waves are at times intense, but they are exhilarating. The good news is that waves eventually become peaceful, they are simply part of the journey—often the highlight. I hope to be a part of your child’s tween and teen journey, as well as a source of support and knowledge to you.

Why am I a good choice for your child?

Teaching, tutoring, coaching, and volunteering have provided me with countless opportunities to witness tween/teen angst. This passage of youth, in my opinion, is the most challenging. Children and parents will likely feel emotionally drained at some point during these years that span from ten to nineteen. It goes without saying that every child matures at his/her own rate. A concise formula to understand the feelings, perceptions, and behavior of any human being does not exist. However, the biological developments that occur during the tween/teen years serve as a common denominator to “make sense” and better understand the needs of this vulnerable population.

This is my professional purpose.

I hope to help my clients uncover that only they have the power to define themselves, and their actions and interactions with others, are paramount to achieving that identity.

Ultimately, I believe that it is the connection we make with another human being that creates comfort and trust. I have a good understanding of the most relevant issues facing youth today, and my background in education, child/adolescent development, and psychology has deepened it. I am not a therapist, therefore I am not qualified to treat children and adolescents for a mental health disorder.

It would not be fair to say most adolescents have a mental health disorder. However, most tweens and teens will experience stress. Whether it be hardships with peers, pressure to achieve academically, or confusion over which choices are best.

My goal is to motivate and support my clients to “focus inward” and find their “positive lens” to achieve greater self-confidence, peace, happiness, and independence.

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